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Updates on what’s happening around the yard.

Seeds Are In!

Alcea Seedling
Alcea Seedlings

It’s that exciting time of year! Start planning and brainstorming your new gardening endeavors! We carry Seed Savers Exchange, Hart’s Seeds, and
select Renee’s Seeds. One of my
favorite things to do this time of year is to read a good farming book to get me brainstorming, sit down with a nice cup of coffee and draw up what I’d like to grow and accomplish during the coming season. If you’re not sure where to begin,  here are some ideas to get in the spirit…
Using your browser: Search websites like ours as well as Pintrest, Google,
Instagram and Facebook to get tips, look at pictures and find out what other people are sharing.
Turn the pages: Find farming books, floral magazines, and catalogs to draw inspiration.
Look out your window: Are you happy with your layout? Need more, or less? What grew well and what didn’t and why?
The season is coming fast! The more you plan, the more prepared you are when the time comes!

Planting in the Fall

Hi Folks! We always get the question around this time of year, “How late can I plant?” Based on our experience in landscaping, we are able to plant up until the ground is no longer workable.
For our area that means into November-weather permitting.
Planting in the spring or the fall is a great time. You can weigh your options based on:
Climate- Is the soil workable? Are we past hard frosts?
Plant availability- Can I get this plant in the spring and/or in the fall?
Time- Will I have the time to plant in the spring? Am I traveling? Going to weddings, showers, etc.
Pricing- Are there any sales on the plants I’d like?

Having said this, we still have an enormous amount of beautiful nursery stock on property! Prices have been lowered, and the cool fall weather is nice to work in before…winter arrives! See the pictures below to get an idea before you stop by!


Aerial View of Front Mats
Aerial View of Front Mats

Hi All! Its hard to believe it, but our busy bees are setting up for Fall! The mums are sized up and looking stunning, and we have deliveries coming in this week and next for all of those autumn goodies that we look forward to when the weather gets cooler.  Here’s an update on what we have in store now…
In Store:                                                                    Coming Soon:
MUMS!                                                                     Bulbs
Pumpkins                                                                 Sugar Pumpkins
Gourds                                                                       Indian Corn
Scarecrows & Décor
Custom Planters
Cold weather veggies
Hay Bales
Trees & Shrubs


Nursery Stock


Nursery Stock
Nursery Stock

The name of the game this week is nursery stock. We’ve been busy unloading and setting up all of our nursery stock around the yard. Looking for something in particular? Give us a call or stop by! We have some beautiful weeping cherries and forsythia in bloom, as well as a huge assortment of evergreens and deciduous trees.
We’ve also been busy setting up the rest of the yard. Our hanging baskets and geraniums are gearing up for Mother’s Day!


The word of the week is SPACING! Along with our plantings, we’ve been spacing in the greenhouses (GH#7, GH#3 and soon in GH#2). It’s important to space our plants so they have room to grow nice and full without competing against each other. If they have to compete, they become leggy and undesirable. We’re also starting to bring in some great nursery stock. Starting this coming week (April 13th) we will have plenty to browse. Our mulches and soils are in: Cedar, Hemlock, Pine, Black, Loam and Compost. Since the weather is supposed to break in the next few days (fingers crossed!!!) we’re looking forward to seeing new and returning faces!

Maggie and Sam helping us space in GH#3
Maggie and Sam helping us space in GH#3


As most New Englanders are hoping for, things are starting to pick up for the season, you can tell by just listening to the birds! We’ve started planting and growing annuals in three of our greenhouses. So far we have our beautiful geraniums planted, our cheery pansies, and a variety of annuals in hanging baskets.

Geraniums in Greenhouse #7
Geraniums in Greenhouse #7, 2013

We’re definitely getting back into the swing of things. For all you planners, now is the perfect time to reflect on previous years and make landscaping goals for the coming season. If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail, telephone, or just stop by! There’s nothing like a good ol’ face to face conversation!