2019 Season- Happy New Year

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. That everyone was able to enjoy and appreciate time spent with friends and  family.
For us, (except during a cough cough snowstorm) the week after Christmas is quiet. The store is closed and we’re able to take some time to reflect on the past season, and improvements we can work on for the coming season. It is a resting period…but there is also excitement and anticipation that starts to bubble as we comb over orders of nursery stock coming in, vegetable seeds to start, annuals and perennials to plant, hundreds of mums to choose from and yes, poinsettias to pick out for the coming year!

The foundation of this company has come from a love to produce wonderful plants and make them available to our local customers. The business has evolved exponentially since our humble beginnings in 1998, and we’ve grown based on the needs and services we’re able to provide to our customers.

Please take a few moments to reflect this winter on how you’d like your 2019 season to go. If there is anything you’re interested in or need help with in order to fulfill you’re landscaping needs, plant addictions, and local food sustainability, please let us know!

Otherwise, we wish you a great 2019 year!