Front Mats 
As you pull into the driveway you’ll see our front mats. we keep seasonal products here. Shrubs during the spring & summer, mums during the fall, and Christmas trees during the holidays.



The Driveway

As you make your way down the driveway you’ll notice multiple piles of mulch, loam and compost. We sell in bulk for pick up or delivery.



The Cabin

Next you’ll see a rustic cabin and wonder…am I in the right place? Does someone live there?
You’re right on both! Owners Ron & Kathy live in this cabin, and have literally built their garden center around it!


Register Shed & Patio

Once you get past the cabin, a little shed will greet you. That is where our check out is, and where our hardscape is on display. You’ll start to notice little paths that will take you this way and that, leading you to certain types of plants.


The Greenhouses

Once your at the Register Shed, you’ll look farther and realize that we have 11 Greenhouses behind the cabin! And many other display areas for hardgoods, various perennials, and vegetables!


Our Goal

We’re here to provide you with the best plant material and service possible. And while your here, we want you to enjoy every bit of the property! So bring some walking shoes and a curious mind!