We wear many hats here at Shady Hill. Starting as a small wholesale grower (as a part-time hobby), the owners of Shady Hill have created a destination for gardeners in southern New Hampshire. Growing most of our own vegetable seedlings, annuals, perennials, hardy fall mums and poinsettias, we have many plants to grow and take care of throughout the seasons. Imagine this; we plant our chrysanthemums starting in June, when our customers are still thinking “Spring”! There are a lot of moving parts for us, and that is part of what is so exciting about our business. Can you believe we bring in our poinsettias in September?! The work and dedication behind producing a beautiful crop for our customers is what really drives us. 

What are the requirements for zonal geraniums? How much sun does a perennial grass need? When should I start sowing for a fall crop? Why aren’t my hydrangeas blooming? We take pride in trying to answer all of the questions we come across on a daily basis. Individually we may not have the answers to everything, but collectively, we’re able to help, inform and address your planting needs and situations. 


Even though we offer much more than just plants and advice, growing is at the heart of this operation and why we are here. Please let us know if you have any questions about our products and services. You are the reason we are here today!