Our greenhouses and nursery are open for business to the public. We have been deemed by the State of New Hampshire as an essential business. Through these trying times, we encourage everyone to stay healthy and safe. 

We welcome our customers and will do our best transitioning to this “new” daily life. Please be patient and enjoy what nature has to provide us in these trying times. 

We are practicing recommendations from the CDC including social distancing. If you would like to place orders through our website or over the phone, we will do our best to adjust to your needs. Although we do not have an online store, we will update examples of the many beautiful items that we have in stock. We are also able to process payments over the phone.  

Delivery of loam, compost, mulch, and any other available products are possible. 

Dormant as in they are budded, haven’t leafed out yet, but can go into the ground. Please call for pricing. 

Apples (Malus)
Malus Braeburn
Malus Cortland
Malus Crispin
Malus Empire
Malus Fuji
Malus Granny Smith
Malus Honeycrisp
Malus Macoun
Malus McIntosh
Malus Pink Lady
Malus Red Delicious
Malus Royal Gala
Malus 4 in 1 Cold Climate

Prunus Bing (Cherry Sweet)
Prunus Stella (Cherry Sweet)
Prunus Black York (Cherry Sweet
Prunus Goldcot (Apricot)
Prunus Elberta (Peach)
Prunus Redhaven (Peach)
Prunus Santa Rosa (Plum)
Pyrus 4 in 1 Combo (Asian Pear)
Pyrus Bartlett (Pear)
Pyrus Bosc (Pear)

Blueberries (Vaccinium)
Vaccinium Blue Jay
Vacinnium Bluecrop
Vacinnium Northland
Vaccinium Patriot

Grapes (Vitis)
Vitis Canadice (Seedless)