We grow most of our own herbs and vegetables. We grow as much as we can because knowing that we have the control and management of the seed (or plug) from start to finish is comforting to not only us, but our customers.

We do not treat our herbs or vegetables with any pesticides. This does not mean that we are organic, but that we use minimal treatment practices to
ensure that you are getting the best product to feed yourselves, families and friends!

We start our herbs and veggies in February and March to make sure they are ready when Mother Nature gives us the green light!

Tomatoes! We have a large variety of heirloom tomatoes started from seeds by a tomato enthusiast on the crew!

Hot Peppers! We also have a large variety of hot peppers started from seeds by a spicy
enthusiast on the crew!

*** Contact us in February if you have a hard to find variety you’d like us to try and grow for you! We’re always looking for new and different varieties to try out! If you like it, others might too!