Mulch, Loam and Compost

We carry bulk mulch, loam and compost. Sold by the yard.

Pick up during store hours, or delivery available.

All of our mulch, loam and compost are sourced locally. We carry true bark mulch. This is because the quality of bark mulch is much higher than that of mulch mixed with wood. Bark mulch will take longer to break down, will maintain color longer, and return more nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.

We carry four different types of mulches:

Screened loam for filling in areas, raised beds, or lawn maintenance.

Compost for adding to and boosting vegetables and flower beds

We delivery locally in F550 Dump Trucks.
Up to 5 yards of loam or compost per truck
Up to 12 yards of mulch per truck

Call for pricing and scheduling