You may not have known that Shady  Hill is open year round.

As New Englanders, we appreciate all seasons and provide services
catering to them.
In the spring we look forward to showing off our GORGEOUS zonal geraniums, combo hangers, home grown annuals, perennials and veggies, as well as performing other services such as spring clean-ups
GeraniumsIn the summer we have all of our beautiful perennials, annuals, and nursery stock available. Making it possible for you to enjoy the summer fun; we have maintenance, mowing, and installation services.

The fall season is very dear to us. Our business started with growing hardy mums in the fall. With thousands of huge mums available, pumpkins, cornstalks, and other autumn goodies, its a nice time for everyone to celebrate the fun we had all summer!
fall mums 3And then there’s winter! Winding down the growing season means its a little quieter in the yard… But don’t get us wrong- we have busy elves making wreaths, swags, bows, and kissing balls, as well as creating beautiful holiday gifts and arrangements. Christmas trees are sold on our front mats, and our happy helpers will load up your car with bunches of holiday cheer! Make sure to warm up and check out plants and such in the greenhouse!