You’ll notice most of our shade perennials are behind our register shed. We strive to find and grow shade perennials that will give your shady areas interest, texture and foliage color. You’ll find dozens of varieties of Astilbe and Heuchera. But you’ll also find much more…Brunnera, Epimedium, Ligularia, Ferns, Thalictrum, Cimicifuga, and the list goes on!



For anyone who thinks Hosta are boring, hasn’t been to Shady Hill! We have over 100 varieties available! We plant most of our hosta in the fall, giving us the ability to grow a lot more! All shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find a new one to add to your collection! Mini to large, rippled to smooth, green to white, see all that hosta have to offer!



Near the shade section you’ll find our groundcover section. These are low growing and spreading perennials categorized by sun and shade requirements. These plants are great for fulling large areas, hillsides, and the front of your perennial beds and walkways.



Our sun perennials have their own rolling green area near Greenhouse #1, but you’ll find them scattered throughout the property in displays as well. Categorized in alphabetical order in their Latin names is the easiest that way we’ve found to keep track of all these beauties!



Our Hemerocallis section is located between Greenhouse #6 & #7. We have over 75 varieties available throughout the season. We’re able to achieve this through succession plantings. Old-fashioned, returns, fragrant, vibrant, unique…you can’t go wrong with daylilies!



Grasses are a great filler to add to your perennial beds. But don’t underestimate the! They’re often used around pools and patios to give a more textured feel and offer a little more privacy.