Heuchera and other perennials in the greenhouse
Heuchera and other perennials in the greenhouse

Perennials are available throughout the growing
season. First to flower are
hellebores. By the time creeping phlox are coming into color, our extensive range of
perennials are displayed
according to sun and shade
requirements. We grow most of our own perennials, which
enables us to grow a wide
selection. If you are looking for a particular plant or variety please let us know. We’ll do our best to find the perfect plant for you! Hosta enthusiasts have over 100 varieties to choose from and almost as many daylilies. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any questions you may have.

Some popular and very hardy sun perennials for our area include:
• Echinacea
• Clematis
• Rudbeckia
• Shasta Daisy
• Day Lilies
• Sedum

Some great shade perennials include:

• Astilbe
• Hosta
• Columbine
• Heuchera

When planting a perennial bed, you want to make sure the area is prepared ahead of time. You should make sure you have good soil and add any amendments, as needed, such as peat moss or other organic matter. There are many soils available today that have the top soil, compost, and peat moss already mixed in.

Most perennials can be divided in early spring. You should dig out the entire plant, then use a sharp serrated knife or spade and split the plant into smaller ones. Some larger plants, like established grasses, may not be able to be dug up, and you can try using a spade or shovel to “slice” a section out.

Keep in mind that when you start dividing, you will be taking a larger plant and making it into several smaller ones, so it might not be as “showy” as in previous years. As far as fertilizing goes, perennials can be fertilized once in the spring, and again later in the summer if you are using a water soluble, drenching fertilizer. Or the other alternative is to use a slow release type that you scratch into the soil in early spring.